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AboveBAS offers businesses more than just bookkeeping services. Fiona Failla has several certifications and memberships, including an Accounting diploma and is a registered BAS agent.

Her team has a combined wealth of over 50 years of experience. At AboveBAS they work closely with businesses in Consulting, Training, Advisory and bookkeeping solutions. They have also developed the AboveBAS Business Guidance program that offers a helping hand for your business journey

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What we do

AboveBAS is there to provide a solution to your business, whether it be the complete bookkeeping service to reviewing the accounts for the BAS and lodgement with the Australian Taxation Office.

We are there to offer the information that you need to help sustain or grow your business.  The decision is yours to make, we are there to support you in your endeavours.

Client testimonials

  • We highly recommend AboveBAS for anyone looking for top quality service for their business processes—prior to appointing AboveBAS we were a solely paper based business.

    An advantage of using AboveBAS is the reliability in work being completed in a timely manner with a great attention to detail, which eliminates mistakes on our part. Th

    Debra Carter
    DirectorClaret Nominees Pty Ltd
  • As a small Building Surveying Company, having a Xero Bookkeeping Support Advisor is invaluable...and Fiona is exactly that. Coupled with a professional, sincere and a polite demeanour, she really is a cut above the rest...

    We are so pleased and grateful that our Accountant introduced us to Fiona.

    Ice and Daniela
    Certified Building Surveying Pty Ltd
  • We have been using AboveBAS for four years now and one thing that we love is the reliable service that is always provided.

    Their services have definitely relieved us of the stress associated with bookkeeping and we are always well informed of the changes within the industry.

    “Knowing I have Fiona overlooking our accounts I

    G. Speed Performance
    DirectorFran Jones
  • I'm great with words, but understanding the complexities of accounting software is a different story. After completing a Xero training course with Fiona, I have a greater understanding of the product...Fiona continues to provide that will be a greater benefit moving forward.

    Urban Wordsmiths
  • The reason we started using AboveBAS (previously Sona Bookkeeping services) was because we wanted a more personal service, someone we could trust and that was competent to assist helping run and organise our bookkeeping more efficiently. We wanted someone that would understand our needs and that was willing to assist with bookkeeping questions a

    Chiodo Excavations
    Chiodo Excavations Pty Ltd
  • Fiona has work with Greensborough Road Surgery for the past ten years and we are looking forward to working with her company for many more.

    We would recommend Fiona from AboveBAS as a true professional as she is able to handle any situation from the simplest to the most complex of our business challenges.

    She plans out the entire

    Ann McCormack
    Practice ManagerGreensborough Road Surgery
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